• This contract constitutes an order for a photo shooting of the agreed upon individual/family/event,  including albums and prints.  It is understood that any sample prints and digital prints remain the property of Kountry Photography unless copy write is purchased, and they may be used for advertising, display or any purpose of promoting Kountry Photography business. 
  • Kountry Photography is not held reliable for loss or damaged photographs after they are released to the purchaser.  If failure to deliver prints agreed upon in contract due to loss/erased or damaged photos, Kountry photography will return all payment or have the right to adjust refund based on services/product provided. 


  • It is understood that no other photographer, amateur or professional shall be allowed to photograph any posed settings, individuals or groups due to causing a decrease in quality of photographs taken from Kountry Photography.


  • With an agreement of date of service, a deposit of ½ the total payment is due to insure your date is held completely for you.  After contract is signed or date of photo-shoot is scheduled responsible party is expected to make full payment. For any reason that you plan to cancel the event after contract is agreed upon the responsible party is responsible for ½ the package agreed upon. 


  • Individual photo-shoots may be subject to a $25.00 charge if canceled not related to weather conditions.   If you must cancel and not reschedule your photo session, a $50.00 penalty fee will be required due to the commitment Kountry Photography offers.  Proof of Military Deployment or life-threatening Health Concerns may be subject to a refund at Kountry Photography’s discretion.  


  • Due to Kountry Photography's affordable prices only one coupon/discount offer is allowed to be used per contract.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Once your session is complete and your online gallery is available your purchase is non-refundable and you are responsible for contacting Kountry Photography to place your desired requests to complete your package purchases.    


  • After the photographed date, the responsible party must choose photographs that are included in package price within 60 days of receiving copyright cd.  Failure to do so, may result in no prints/products provided.  This allows your photo’s to be delivered in a timely manner.  Any refunds or adjustments will be made only after viewing the proofs, and at the photographers’ discretion. 


After Picking an Available Date Kountry Photography Will Send You a Hard Copy of the Contract Agreements in which one is required to be returned by mail or fax within 2 weeks of receiving it along with deposit. 

Contact Kountry Photography for a written contract and availability today!